About Us


Mission and vision:

  • Transfer of scientific, professional and artistic knowledge and skills;
  • The development of science and the promotion of artistic creation;
  • Provide individuals with lifelong higher education opportunities under equal conditions;
  • The number of residents with higher education has increased significantly.

Kragujevac School of economics and management studies is the first private independent higher education institution in central Serbia to study social sciences through an academic research program. The quality of the institution is guaranteed by many years of experience in scientific research and business. Modern teaching aids, a library that provides relevant documents at home and abroad, and a space adapted to the learning conditions (comfortable furniture, good sound insulation and air conditioning in the central panoramic elevator) provide students with the possibility of obtaining top-notch knowledge). The modern curriculum enables students to study in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and recognized diplomas.

Kragujevac School of economics and management studies is located in Serbia, a country in Southeast Europe. Serbia is suitable for undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Every year there are many foreign students that complete their university studies in Serbia, and they come to Serbia to get the best European education. The official language is Serbian and many people speak English, as it is very popular.

Kragujevac is conveniently located 115 kilometers from the Serbian capital Belgrade. The city of Kragujevac is in central Serbia and lies on the banks of the Lepenica river. It is the fourth largest city in Serbia (following Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš), the capital and the largest city in the Sumadia region. The Kragujevac People’s Museum is composed of an archaeological museum with 100,000 exhibits, an art museum with over a 1,000 works of art, a folklore museum, and the Kragujevac and Sumadia city history museums. The Old Foundry Museum shows the history of industrial development in Serbia and Kragujevac for a century and a half. Among the many cultural and historical monuments in Kragujevac, the most representative ones are the Old Church, the Ducal Palace of Milos-Obranovic, the Parliament Building of the Duchy of Serbia, the Palace of the Grand Duke of Milos, and the seat of the Municipal Court , Amikin Palace, Kragujevac October Memorial Square, etc.

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